Oasis Innovation Educational Research and Reflection

Oasis Innovation Teaching School Alliance will engage in evidence-based research into effective education.

By working closely with our University partners, we hope to promote a culture in our schools in which research, evaluation and evidence are routinely used to identify and understand what works.

Our current research interests include:

Our Research

Limeside Research Priority for 2015-16 Working alongside MMU to trial the Collaborative Action Research Platform (CARP) Personalised learning: Skills are knowledge in context. Key Question Let them fly higher and wider – How can we improve cognitive ability for all children to ensure maximum progress? In this priority we will focus on understanding cognition so that all children […]

Developing a Research Culture Across Schools We are working with NFER to strengthen the research culture across and between 4 Oasis Academies. Academies are using current research and practitioner study to tackle school priorities throughout 2015-16. The results of the studies will be shared with other Oasis Academies. Schools involved: Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue Oasis […]

Early Learning and Childcare Hub Researching new approaches to Early Years collaboration We are working in partnership with Oldham LA and 4Children to develop an Early Learning and Childcare Hub for the Hollinwood community. We are developing new ways of working and encouraging collaboration between schools, PVIs, Childminders and Childrens Centres. We have 2 goals: […]