Learning Centred Coaching

Learning Centred Coaching is a methodology of systematic improvement in teaching through collecting classroom evidence and data to raise awareness and ownership through coaching conversations.

Learning Centred Coaching has at its heart pupil achievement and progression, holding teachers in regard as adults who are reflecting and acting towards a desired vision for their class.


Introduce Learning Centred Coaching in your school

Module 1
Creating a Culture for Coaching

An exploration of current school culture through the use of models such as 360 degree feedback and Myers Briggs Type Indicators

Training on Mindset, Transactional Analysis & Feedback and methods to embed these concepts into the Academy Setting.

Module 2
Becoming a Coach

An exploration of self as coach

Training on what coaching is in terms of the Learning Centred Coaching Model, self reflection as a coach, questioning, framing and challenge and contracting for success

Module 3
Using the Learning Centred Coaching Model

Becoming a proficient practitioner

Training on how to deliver each stage of the model, understanding how to support others to  set ambitious visions and goals and how to collect and present non-judgemental data and evidence.

Deconstructing coaching conversations to maximise teacher ownership and movement towards meaningful impact in their classrooms.

This module will include support for Lead Coaches in their conversations in schools to practice and hone their coaching craft.


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