GM LLE Collaborative

Oasis Innovation Teaching School Alliance is a member of the GM LLE Collaborative which is a partnership of 8 Teaching School Alliances based across Greater Manchester.

The purpose of the Collaborative is work together to train, develop and support aspirant and existing Local Leaders of Education building a community of best practice, ensuring the best possible system led support for schools is available.

System Leadership Training for Headteachers

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“Informative and thought provoking”  – feedback from 2015 participant 

“Training delivered with authority and expertise”  – feedback from 2016 participant

“A really powerful day – thank you” –  feedback from 2015 participant

“A significant learning journey ”  – feedback from 2016 participant 


Who is this training for?

•Headteachers who have started to support other schools as system leaders.
•Headteachers with an interest in supporting other schools in the future.
•Headteachers who aspire to work as LLEs (Local Leaders of Education) or NLEs (National Leaders of Education)



Where will this training lead?

This training can be used to support your current role or as a pathway to wider work as a system leader.

Training to support your current role

Our 3 day system leadership training is designed to support headteachers to develop the skills and processes needed to support other schools.

Training to support the wider system

At the end of the 3 days you might apply to us to become a Local Leader of Education (LLE).

Local Leaders of Education (LLE)

Local Leaders of Education (LLE) are nationally recognised and designated Headteachers with a proven track record of supporting other schools. With proven capacity to work alongside other heads, LLEs drive forward school improvement and work to build the required capacity to ensure that improvements can be sustained over the longer term. LLEs collaborate to lead the school-led system at a regional level.

The aim of the Local Leaders of Education Programme is to improve pupil outcomes through partnership working between schools and academies. LLEs within the GM collaborative are supported through a network of best practice and rigorous quality assurance processes.

Our collaborative aim to designate and support LLEs to become successful system leaders, supporting schools within our alliances and beyond.

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