Oasis National Maths Networks

Investigating the building blocks of maths

The networks focus on the key areas of primary maths, with a strong (but not exclusive) focus on number work as reflecting the new curriculum. The networks are led by Shelagh Hendry, with teachers from each of the schools involved contributing to sessions and taking responsibility for cascading information to their own schools.

The network is intended to be challenging. Sessions relate to teacher subject knowledge and reflect on current experiences in the classroom. Within and between sessions, participants are expected to engage with recent research articles and perform gap tasks to further their understanding of great pedagogy in maths.

Links are made to the role of the subject leader in order to support the development of mathematics in the participant’s own schools.

Who is it for?

This network is aimed at primary practitioners.

The network is also suitable for maths teachers at secondary level working with the youngest children, or those below national expectation on entry to the secondary sector but does not address any specific scheme of work – challenging members instead to consider the starting points and development issues within each area of mathematics considered.

Mastering Maths Network

Birmingham Mastering Maths Network Schools Involved: Oasis Academy Blakenhale Infants x2 Oasis Academy Blakenhale Juniors x2 Oasis Academy Hobmoor x5 Oasis Academy Shortheath x2 Dates for Network Meetings: 26/03/15 11/06/15 23/09/15 20/10/15 01/12/15 12/01/16 17/03/16 19/04/16 16/06/16 13/09/16 17/11/16, 17/01/17

Greater Manchester Mastering Maths Network Schools Involved: Higher Failsworth Primary x1 Lyndhurst Primary x2 Oasis Academy Aspinal x1 Oasis Academy Harpur Mount x1 Oasis Academy Immingham x2 Oasis Academy Limeside x2 Oasis Academy Lister Park x1 Oasis Academy Oldham x3 Oasis Academy Parkwood x5 Oasis Academy Watermead x1 Oasis Academy Wintringham x1 Woodhouses Primary x1 […]