Proposed QTS changes

In the new White Paper it has been suggested that there will be changes to the QTS arrangements going forward. Currently QTS is accredited by a training provider at the end of a training route. E.g. by a university at the end of a PGCE year, or at the end of the first year of Teach First.

The White Paper suggests two major changes:

1. Accreditation
Firstly that the responsibility for QTS accreditation will move to Teaching Schools instead. Headteachers would contact the Teaching School when they feel that a beginning teacher is consistently reaching the teaching standards as a ‘good’ teacher or better. The Teaching School would manage a formal process of accreditation – quality assuring the judgement of headteachers for national consistency.

2. Timescales for QTS
The White Paper indicates a proposed change to the timescales required for QTS. Rather than being at the end of a course, QTS might be awarded as part of the current NQT year. Exceptional teachers might be fast tracked to QTS, other teachers might take longer to meet the standards.

More information

The details and implications of the changes are yet to be understood in full and yet to become law. This information will be updated as teaching schools are briefed by the DfE.

N.B. There will be no change to the QTS process for 2015-16 or 2016-17.

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