Oasis Innovation School Improvement

We can run school support packages designed specifically for your school, supporting you by providing additional capacity and expertise to improve learning. We are careful to ensure that the improvements being made are embedded in each school we work with in order that the improvements are sustained.

Alongside our support packages described below, we also have a number of Professional Development opportunities and courses. More about these can be found here.

A needs based approach

Every school development partnership we undertake is different and uniquely created to address to the specific needs of the school we are working with.

We have a great deal of expertise in every area from improving the quality of teaching, to leadership coaching, behaviour management, policies and systems, data and tracking, curriculum design, timetabling, financial management, and individual subject support. We are equipped and committed to providing a personalized, yet robust, support package within the Secondary, Primary and Special school sectors.

Support work can involve a single visit, work designated from a term to a year with individual or multiple levels of support being involved depending on need.

Schools within the Oasis Innovation Teaching School Alliance have a long-standing tradition of leading in this area, having worked with a number of schools to support their development.

Leaders of Education and Governance

We have connections with a range of education experts that can be deployed to provide bespoke, developmental support in your school. We have recruited an extensive and diverse network of National Leaders of Education (NLEs), Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs), Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) and National Leaders of Governance (NLGs).

In addition to the outstanding work they do in their own schools, our Leaders of Education and Governance are available for both short and long term support for schools in challenging circumstances. They have extensive experience in driving forward improvements and building capacity to ensure that these improvements are sustained.

To find out more about the bespoke support we can offer you, contact us at hello@oasisinnovation.com

Additional Support Packages

We also offer support for schools who are looking to conduct a review of their use of pupil premium funding, improve their delivery of literacy or embed coaching practice in their school. Follow the links or click on the buttons below for more information.

School To School Support

Learning Centred Coaching Jean Davies – Coaching Consultant Jean Davies has extensive experience at every level in Education – from active teaching to school management including extensive Leadership Development, Training and Coaching work with Teach First & the University of Manchester. Jean works with teachers at all stages of their career. Jean is able to design […]

Supporting Rapid Improvements in Literacy and Reading We offer a full range of support for literacy development in your school with specialist expertise from our Centre for Reading Recovery (operated in partnership with the UCL Institute of Education). Want to know more? Click here for further information Or for more details please contact Leah.Freeman@oasislimeside.org

Our LLEs To find out more or to book an LLE for your school For more details please contact hello@oasisinnovation.com Pen Portraits Phil Mellen LLE Peter Johnson LLE Mya Bradbury LLE Lynne Goodhand LLE Lee Hardy LLE Karen Leyland LLE Julie O’Connor LLE Jo Lindon LLE Joy Clarke LLE Jill Pilling LLE Jayne Clarke LLE […]

Our SLEs To find out more or to book an SLE for your school For more details please contact hello@oasisinnovation.com Pen Portraits SLE Pen Portraits  

Pupil Premium Review Would you like an independent pupil premium review as part of your Ofsted planning? What is ‘Pupil Premium’? Pupil Premium is a flagship educational policy of the current government which is designed to close the gap between the educational performance of disadvantaged / vulnerable pupils and their peers. Ofsted and Pupil Premium […]

What are ‘Specialist Leaders of Education’? Specialist Leaders of Education are available to support in driving forward improvements and adding capacity to middle leadership in your school Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) are successful teachers and middle leaders who work alongside others to drive forward improvements and build capacity to ensure that improvements can be sustained. The […]