Bespoke School to School Support

School support packages designed specifically for your school, supporting you by providing additional capacity and expertise to improve learning

A needs based approach

Every partnership we undertake is different and uniquely created to address to the specific needs of the school we are working with.

We have a great deal of expertise in every area from improving the quality of teaching, to leadership coaching, behaviour management, policies and systems, data and tracking, curriculum design, timetabling, financial management, and individual subject support. We are equipped and committed to providing a personalized, yet robust, support package within the Secondary, Primary and Special school sectors.

Support work can involve a single visit, work designated from a term to a year with individual or multiple levels of support being involved depending on need.

Schools within the Oasis Innovation Teaching School Alliance have a long-standing tradition of leading in this area, having worked with a number of schools to support their development.

If you are interested in discussing a support package for you school, please contact us to arrange a meeting. Email us at